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Center Point Audio is the audio division of C. Crane Company. For many years, members of the C. Crane crew have been researching audio technology. Being a company filled with musicians, craftsmen and audiophiles, C. Crane has always been researching ways to make better audio products. Unsatisfied with what was available on the market, C. Crane's quest for audio perfection has led them into a new era of audio standards.

Tall Redwoods in Northern CaliforniaVery recently, C. Crane team members have began engineering their first audio systems and the results are astonishing. Not only were we able to create amazing sounding equipment using the latest in speaker technology but we did it at an affordable price; Center Point Audio was born.

Located in beautiful Fortuna, California, a coastal town nestled in the Temperate Rain Forest of Northern California, C. Crane and Center Point Audio are surrounded by beautiful scenery. At Center Point Audio, we all enjoy the outdoors and many of our concepts are conceived in the ancient Redwood forests and on the rugged coast lines that make our region beautiful. Inspiration comes naturally from our amazing surroundings, but the spirit of Center Point Audio is born from the warm, comfortable research environment of C. Crane.

The mouth of Humboldt Bay from Table Bluff

What is so special about Center Point Audio?

We are a hand-selected group of musicians and avid music listeners with lots of electronic knowledge. We all play and listen to various forms of music which makes for the perfect combination of creative individuals to make great audio gear. The diversity of our music appreciation keeps our ideas well balanced and open. With our knowledge of music with our electronic expertise, we have begun to create amazing audio products.

Sugar Loaf Rock, on California's Lost Coast

Center Point Audio is rooted in an appreciation for music and acoustic excellence. We all know that anyone can assemble a sound system, but making a truly excellent system requires a higher level of TLC. Instead of designing equipment from mathematics up, we allow our ears to be the first and final judge.

Ferns on log over creek

Our philosophy is: It doesn't matter how good something looks on paper. If our ears don't like it, it just won't do.

Our ideology, method, and outlook toward acoustics is what makes us stand out from other companies. We don't settle! We treat each project as a work of art. We put as much emotion, thought, and care into each project as we do our personal art forms. We aren't making products because the marketing department says there is demand for another audio system. We are doing this because we can't help ourselves!

What do you hear?

At Center Point Audio, we know that great sound is a matter of personal preference. We all have different acoustical needs amongst ourselves. We strive to make flexible, efficient systems that will be adjustable so that you, the user, can tweak it to your needs. Everyone likes something different and we not only acknowledge, but also encourage these various preferences. We don't make systems and tell you they are great because we said so. We make systems that make our hair stand up and we dare you to try them.

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