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Audio Quality

Senta-9 Performance EarbudsAll the people involved with creating, performing, and recording our favorite music invest much time and effort to provide high quality audio for our enjoyment. You hardly ever see a black and white photograph of a rainbow because it doesn’t do justice to the original experience. The same notion applies to audio.


The benefits of using good earbuds are numerous. Besides providing more accurate sound reproduction, a high fidelity set of earbuds allows audio enjoyment at quieter volume levels. This means you won't need to crank up the volume to unsafe levels just to hear your music.

When we designed the Senta-9 earbuds, we evaluated a huge selection of drivers. After many hours spent researching charts, studying audiology, and listening to test audio, we found 9mm drivers that produce the audio fidelity and sensitivity we were looking for.

Senta-9 Performance Earbuds

We could tell you how great the sound is, but we feel you should decide.

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