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Senta-Bluetooth audio receiver

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and many other devices now use a technology called Bluetooth to wirelessly transfer data. In most cases people use this Bluetooth technology for wireless communication headsets for taking phone calls. However, many people also have music stored on their Bluetooth device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

What if there was a device that could be connected to your home stereo, radio, headphones, or other playback device to wirelessly playback to audio (music) stored on your Bluetooth device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)? Well, we thought it sounded like a great idea, so we began developing the Senta Bluetooth Audio Receiver.

The Senta Bluetooth Audio Receiver connects via 1/8 inch jack to headphones, stereos, vehicles and more to receive wireless Bluetooth audio from smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Senta-9 Features

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